Here’s a lil snippet of the technique that went viral a few years back.

As a balayage specialist in the Los Angeles area, I started with a full balayage to lighten her hair up and toned it with Redken Shades EQ. After shampoo, rinse and blow dry, I applied Pulp Riot Velvet along horseshoe shaped sections. To create the larger stripes, I take teeny tiny U shaped sections and bricklay them. Then, I will take a very minimal amount of product and create pinstriping between the larger ones. Here I was using a Framar brush but I also love Colortrak brushes to accomplish this.

Process that bad boy for 30 min then RINSE ONLY with as cold of water as tolerable. The cold water prevents excessive bleeding and keeps the blonde parts blonde.

I then styled with my Babyliss irons and some Oribe Dry texture spray.

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