Earlier today, another stylist reached out to me via Instagram. One of her regular clients wanted to go lighter and the stylist made an informed decision to not lift her quickly, as we all know that sometimes, sessions are needed to maintain the integrity of the hair. The client ended up going somewhere else to have it lightened again and is now wanting to return to the old stylist for an updo.

So here’s my thoughts…

I have PLENTY of clients who come to me for only hair color or only hair cuts and I’m totally fine with that. We as stylists do not truly OWN our clients. They are free to go wherever they would like and I don’t ever think its the best idea to deny them of a service because you, the stylist, are offended that they do not get everything done with you. Yeah, I know it stings to have to think about that, but let’s reframe the thinking here.

Look at it this way…for whatever reason, they felt the need to go elsewhere for that ONE thing yet they still trust you for everything else. It’s not personal, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you did a bad job in the first place. There is a plethora of reasons people go to more than one stylist. Sometimes, they don’t even know you perform certain services, which isn’t the client’s fault. I have many clients that come to me for just color and have an inexpensive barber to do their haircuts here in Los Angeles. I also have become incredibly comfortable with turning down a service that I know I am not good at doing. I am a creative color specialist, can do a terrific pixie haircut and am a balayage specialist. I’m generally not the best at platinum blonding services nor do I perform certain types of extension services.

On the flip side, I also have trusted professionals that I can recommend for these services.

So, my point is, if they want you to do an updo or a haircut, and someone else to do their color, so be it. Don’t take things so personal.